COVID-19 Communication

The safety of your children and the wellbeing of our Prodigy families are our main priorities.  We are committed to meeting the cognitive, physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional needs of the whole child.   A top priority at Prodigy is to involve parents and families.  Although we are implementing practices to reduce the risk of potential contagion, please know that parents are welcome to join their children in outdoor activities and the Prodigy staff will continue to find other creative ways to foster family involvement.  Therefore, in order to minimize risk regarding the COVID-19 virus, Prodigy will be taking the following precautionary measures:

The Prodigy campus is built for such a time as this...


Separated cabin classrooms

No sharing of hallways 

Individual air systems and bathrooms

Plentiful outdoor learning spaces & more time in nature increases immune system and overall health

Meal times are within the individual cabin classrooms or outdoor picnics

Supply fee allows mass purchasing with single person distribution, thus reducing number of germs introduced into the classroom 

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

Daily sanitizing measures...

Daily disinfecting of all surface areas including but not limited to doorknobs, chairs, tables, and various areas of contact

Air purifiers that recycle the air every thirty minutes for every classroom 

Hand-sanitizing stations with age appropriate visible instructions for students

Ensuring and implementing good hand cleaning habits

Lots of windows to open and allow for fresh air

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

In the event of a COVID concern or case ...


Prodigy has welcomed a school nurse that will respond to the physical health needs of our students daily

Child who exhibit signs of sickness needs to remain at home

Student with a positive test result needs to remain home for two weeks

Parents of children within the class and anyone the test-positive child had contact with will be notified.  Siblings of the test-positive child will remain home until the threat of sickness has passed due to a 72 hour time period or a negative test result

If fewer than 25% of a class tests COVID positive, class will continue to meet.  If 25% or more test COVID positive, the class will shift to remote learning.  If more than 25% of the student body is COVID positive, then the whole school shifts to remote learning for two weeks  

If a teacher or assistant tests COVID positive, the teacher and assistant will remain home for a period of two weeks or the appropriate amount of time has passed.  Students of the class or others who had contact with the staff member will be notified, and the class will continue with a substitute teacher

Students who remain home, either because they are sick, or because they choose to do so, will have the option to log in via a program like meet or zoom on a computer in order to participate in certain lessons and remain an active part of small group work, as well as complete assignments at home

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!


Classroom procedures ...


Limited group sharing of classroom materials such as pencils, crayons, scissors, etc.

Students will be encouraged to bring their own masks

Prodigy will have additional disposable masks on hand in case a child forgets their own

When working indoors in small groups of close proximity students and teachers will have the option to wear a mask or other form of protective face covering

Cabin entry and exit traffic flow will be unidirectional when possible

Should a parent wish to drop a child off in the classroom, you will be greeted at the door by the teacher or staff member.  Please practice social distancing during drop off and pick up times

Student recess engagement will be limited to smaller numbers as student groups will spread throughout the outdoor campus

Limited field trips

Whole school worship will be outdoors weather permitting, otherwise held within individual cabins

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

For further concerns or questions please contact Russell Grammer at

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Shadow Rest Work Day

Saturday, July 13, we will be having a work day at our new Property! 
We would like to offer childcare for those of you who may need it. Several of the high school girls will be available onsite to watch and care for the children so that parents can help where needed. 
They will have several games for them to play, as well as a painting project, so please have them dress appropriately! 😊
If you think you will utilize the childcare, please comment below and let us know how many children you be bringing with you. 
Thank you!
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Answer to Prayer

This summer marked a new chapter for our family, our family of 6+ moved from Cincinnati OH to Cape Girardeau, MO.  Among the many transitions, one of the most critical and the one that we prayed for consistently was the adaptation to our new school.  We prayed for many things but often asked for signs or affirmation that we were following God’s will in our discernment to send our 3 older children to Prodigy Leadership Academy.  The Lord is faithful and sent us a few signs and today I would like to expand on two. 


A few weeks ago, our family experienced an unexplainable joy that came from an assignment from a Prodigy teacher for Eduardo to study the moon for a month.  During Eduardo’s observation of the moon, he experienced Jesus in a way that touched his heart deeply. The way he described his encounter with Jesus was beautiful and profound and I truly believe it was influenced by the seeds planted at school to know God more and encounter Him in everyday life.


Most recently, another example of God’s provision was affirmed.  As background, developing strong relationships has been an ongoing challenge for Eduardo.  As a mom, my heart aches as I flashback to my cafeteria duty in the previous school. I vividly remember seeing Eduardo looking lost and puzzled on where to sit and finally making his way to an empty table and sitting by himself with a blank stare for the rest of the lunch period.  Sigh. 


Well, God knew what Eduardo needed, because PLA has been a fountain of encouragement and acceptance in such a short time.  The teachers have modeled such grace for his unique personality and truly see him how God sees him.  Because of this, Eduardo believes in himself and how that he was made for good things, so much so that he recently ran for class representative and had the courage to say a speech in front of his classroom.  He even won the vote!  Wow!!


We are beyond grateful for PLA and what it is doing in the lives of our children.  Each of the teachers have said, "Yes," to a calling.  How wonderful that we have the privilege to see the fruit of their labor. Thanks PLA for all you do!

Thank you,

Erika Andrade

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When we started our family, it was with trust and faith in the local, small, rural school a mere 5 miles from our acreage in Bollinger County. We were thrilled with small class sizes and school that felt similar to the smaller public schools that my husband and I had graduated from. It was so important to us that our children be able to experience a sense of close community and one-on-one teaching that we felt was critical to establishing firm foundations. We had been conditioned to believe that small schools equaled excellent academic institutions.

By the time my oldest daughter had completed the third grade, we were learning quite a different experience than we had anticipated.

Fourth grade was a game-changer. My honor roll eldest became a shell of herself. The bright, vibrant, inquisitive, and engaged little girl we sent off on day one became a discouraged, self-conscious, emotional bundle of nerves. Every night ended in tears and frustrations and outbursts in the practice of completing homework that often included three pages of math and 2-4 pages of ELA exercises-this on top of hefty reading expectations in order to comply with obligatory but meaningless  AR goals. My husband and I felt shell-shocked. We would text each other during the day to strategize what we would do each night in order to ensure the most relaxing environment for our daughters to be able to complete their homework. We would drain ourselves of energy, just trying to keep our little ones engaged. We supervised homework for 2-3 hours each night-every minute of it full of tears and frustrations about not being taught that day's needs because there 'wasn't time' to do it at the end of the day. 9 and 10 year olds telling us they were "no good at it," and questioning if they would have to repeat grades-in spite of the fact that they were always on the Honor Rolls. Asking in the mornings if they HAD to go to school.  NO ONE had ever prepared me for the possibility that my child might be miserable in her learning environment.

Eight weeks into 4th grade, I emailed my child's teacher to ask if I could come into class a few times each week so that I could learn the 'new math,' as many of the methods baffled us, and it was important to us to be able to understand in order to help our children. She responded, in an email I will preserve forever as a reminder, that it would be a "traumatic" experience for me to be in the same classroom as my child. I found PLA that night and began researching it.

I began doing what all parents do when their children are sick or discouraged: I researched everything I could, in order to diagnose the problem. I learned about the common sense methods practiced in some schools-referred to as "project based learning." I learned about the promise shown in the 4day school model and visited schools across MO to meet with administrators and teachers about that model, and the models showing incredible promise in ''innovative,' or 'problem-based' instruction.  My husband and I each took considerable leave from our jobs throughout the year to visit, shadow, and advocate for these changes at our school. ALL of this worry and time and resources were spent for one reason: the bottom line for us is that our children be allowed to learn in a welcoming environment that encourages diversity of thought and which builds life long learners. Because, in a world that is seeing breakthroughs and advancements in multiple sectors at a faster pace than ever before , and in a world that grows smaller each day, in which practical application and well-established social skills are KEY, it will be crucial to have a desire to keep learning, keep advancing, and keep finding joy in the journey of learning and in being open. Those that will adapt best, be the most successful, and experience the most satisfaction will be those who can 'shift gears' and who have great flexibility in learning.

We are so grateful to have found a school that offers everything we have studied and hoped for in our children's school: small class size, project based learning, 4 day school weeks, and a welcoming of individuality and a focus on one-on-one instruction. Our girls are already showing more confidence and independence, and are genuinely excited about learning.


Abby came home from school at the end of the second week, and quiet excitedly proclaimed "Guess what?? At this school, I am GOOD at math and I am GOOD at learning! I am really good, mama-you wouldn't even believe it! I LIKE to learn now, I really do! I LOVE this school. I LOVE my teacher!!" And, that's ver close to verbatim, if not verbatim. It was a great moment.


I bawled into my potato soup.


Lizzy has suprised us with how insightful she has been about the experience. At the end of the first week, which was only 2 days, I believ, she said "It's not thatit's that different from [my old school], but there is just so much more to DO, and we get to DO things that help us learn and have fun and so, yeah, I guess it is different. It doesn't even feel like I am at school!"

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For us Prodigy wasn’t so much an escape from something that wasn’t working.  It was more like we finally saw what education should look like and what that could mean for our children.  

As business owners who work with other business owners every day, my wife and I have seen a real shift in the type of workers that are needed in every workplace.  What we see in this shift is a move from the need for simple order takers to the need for people who can really think through a problem, find a solution, and act on it.  The way we work today is so much different than the workplace of 80 or 50…or even just 15 years ago.  

With readily available information and automation changing so much about how we work, it’s pretty frustrating to realize that the typical classroom looks almost exactly the same as it did 80 years ago…rows of desks with a board of some type at the front where the teacher is.  This isn’t the real world anymore.  And it shouldn’t be what our children’s classrooms look like either.  In Prodigy, we found a match between needs that we are witnessing in real life and a school that is striving to meet those real life needs.

What we also found at Prodigy is acceptance.  Teachers are accepting of students at every stage of learning.  They challenge them every step of the way to succeed while also supporting them when they experience failure.  And maybe the most amazing thing is that the students are allowed to experience failure.  Understanding what failure feels like and what to do about it is such a crucial skill as an adult.  Most of the world today would shelter children from that experience, but what kind of chance does that give them as an adult?  

So my kids fail in school…and it’s amazing!  This means they will be ready to overcome challenges and failures throughout their life.  And it is a skill they will learn early in life. Kids are resilient…they are amazing…and they are capable of so much.  Prodigy allows them to realize those capabilities.

Since joining Prodigy Leadership Academy, our children have thrived academically.  We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made.

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Lasagna Garden Project

Prodigy students receive materials and instruction on the process of lasagna gardening from AgDynamics founders, Robert Freeman and Nick Cuchetti and soil & ecology expert, David Yarrow.

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Prodigy students visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.  They have been studying the struggle for racial equality in the classroom through historical fiction, nonfiction, videos, online research, discussions and debates.  The culminating event was an incredible trip to the museum in Memphis.  


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Mrs. Pederson's students develop literacy and compassion as they read to animals at the Humane Society.

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Students collaborated with a diverse team of fantastic people to build a Compressed Earth Block machine. This 13-year old describes his experience. To learn more about CEB and the Global Village Construction set, check out



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