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COVID-19 Communication

The safety of your children and the wellbeing of our Prodigy families are our main priorities.  We are committed to meeting the cognitive, physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional needs of the whole child.   A top priority at Prodigy is to involve parents and families.  Although we are implementing practices to reduce the risk of potential contagion, please know that parents are welcome to join their children in outdoor activities and the Prodigy staff will continue to find other creative ways to foster family involvement.  Therefore, in order to minimize risk regarding the COVID-19 virus, Prodigy will be taking the following precautionary measures:

The Prodigy campus is built for such a time as this...


Separated cabin classrooms

No sharing of hallways 

Individual air systems and bathrooms

Plentiful outdoor learning spaces & more time in nature increases immune system and overall health

Meal times are within the individual cabin classrooms or outdoor picnics

Supply fee allows mass purchasing with single person distribution, thus reducing number of germs introduced into the classroom 

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

Daily sanitizing measures...

Daily disinfecting of all surface areas including but not limited to doorknobs, chairs, tables, and various areas of contact

Air purifiers that recycle the air every thirty minutes for every classroom 

Hand-sanitizing stations with age appropriate visible instructions for students

Ensuring and implementing good hand cleaning habits

Lots of windows to open and allow for fresh air

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

In the event of a COVID concern or case ...


Prodigy has welcomed a school nurse that will respond to the physical health needs of our students daily

Child who exhibit signs of sickness needs to remain at home

Student with a positive test result needs to remain home for two weeks

Parents of children within the class and anyone the test-positive child had contact with will be notified.  Siblings of the test-positive child will remain home until the threat of sickness has passed due to a 72 hour time period or a negative test result

If fewer than 25% of a class tests COVID positive, class will continue to meet.  If 25% or more test COVID positive, the class will shift to remote learning.  If more than 25% of the student body is COVID positive, then the whole school shifts to remote learning for two weeks  

If a teacher or assistant tests COVID positive, the teacher and assistant will remain home for a period of two weeks or the appropriate amount of time has passed.  Students of the class or others who had contact with the staff member will be notified, and the class will continue with a substitute teacher

Students who remain home, either because they are sick, or because they choose to do so, will have the option to log in via a program like meet or zoom on a computer in order to participate in certain lessons and remain an active part of small group work, as well as complete assignments at home

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!


Classroom procedures ...


Limited group sharing of classroom materials such as pencils, crayons, scissors, etc.

Students will be encouraged to bring their own masks

Prodigy will have additional disposable masks on hand in case a child forgets their own

When working indoors in small groups of close proximity students and teachers will have the option to wear a mask or other form of protective face covering

Cabin entry and exit traffic flow will be unidirectional when possible

Should a parent wish to drop a child off in the classroom, you will be greeted at the door by the teacher or staff member.  Please practice social distancing during drop off and pick up times

Student recess engagement will be limited to smaller numbers as student groups will spread throughout the outdoor campus

Limited field trips

Whole school worship will be outdoors weather permitting, otherwise held within individual cabins

Reduce the germs, thrive in the classroom!

For further concerns or questions please contact Russell Grammer at

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Mrs. Pederson's students develop literacy and compassion as they read to animals at the Humane Society.

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Students collaborated with a diverse team of fantastic people to build a Compressed Earth Block machine. This 13-year old describes his experience. To learn more about CEB and the Global Village Construction set, check out



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Wilderness Lodge- 2016/2017

Students, families, and staff travel to the Wilderness Lodge in Lesterville, Mo located on the Black River to spend three days and two nights immersed in a nature learning experience. Students participate in a series of stations set up to...


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Student accomplishments and learning are central to this celebration of progress at the first ever Prodigy Leadership Academy curriculum and exhibition event, AKA "parent conferences". Children share portfolios and projects with their parents. At PLA, parent/teacher conferences are an ongoing dialogue. Teachers and parents partner to remain keenly aware and supportive of student growth.



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Red Star Food Pantry

Students from the 5th/6th grades help serve the first Saturday of every month by helping families load their vehicles with food. The students volunteer their time and gain a better understanding of what it means fo help those in need.
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We are proud to announce that Pat Fanger, our 5th & 6th grade teacher, won the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year Award. Congratulations Mr. Fanger.
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PLA Bridge Project

PLA's Bridge project connects students with The Chateau Girardeau retirement community. Generations are bridged together through hobbies, interests, and educational content. Chateau residents share their expertise and life experience in a host of activities from woodworking to round-table discussions about the Great Depression. Students serve residents through events such as technology workshops. This mutually beneficial partnership is ongoing, with events nearly every week throughout the school year.
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Honduras Sister School

Part of PLA's vision is to continue to develop service projects, both locally and abroad. The Good Shepard Christian Academy (GSCA) and Good Shepard Children's Home (GSCH) is located in Zambrano, Honduras, and we have the opportunity to serve the GSCH and GSCA through a yearly mission trip in the summer, correspondence throughout the year and intentional prayer. 

The GSCH serves as a full-tie ministry to the abused and abandoned children of Hondruas, Currently, more than 100 children reside at the Children's Home where they receive the basic necessities of life-food, clothing, shelter, education, and lots of love!

The school is located on the grounds of Good Shepherd Children's Home and serves more than 160 students. The schoold is dedicated to providing a high quality, bilingual education that is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and designed to prepare students for a bright and successful future. GSCA believe that education is the best long-term solution for overcoming poverty.

Mrs. Danielle Taylor, a PLA K-2 teacher who attended our mission trip in summer 2015, will be serving with her husband, Kyle, at the Good Sheperd's Children Home in the 2016 school year.

Implications for Learning: 

5 Development of Relationships

6 Intercultural Sensitivity and Awareness of Poverty; Expanded Perspectives

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