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Answer to Prayer

This summer marked a new chapter for our family, our family of 6+ moved from Cincinnati OH to Cape Girardeau, MO.  Among the many transitions, one of the most critical and the one that we prayed for consistently was the adaptation to our new school.  We prayed for many things but often asked for signs or affirmation that we were following God’s will in our discernment to send our 3 older children to Prodigy Leadership Academy.  The Lord is faithful and sent us a few signs and today I would like to expand on two. 


A few weeks ago, our family experienced an unexplainable joy that came from an assignment from a Prodigy teacher for Eduardo to study the moon for a month.  During Eduardo’s observation of the moon, he experienced Jesus in a way that touched his heart deeply. The way he described his encounter with Jesus was beautiful and profound and I truly believe it was influenced by the seeds planted at school to know God more and encounter Him in everyday life.


Most recently, another example of God’s provision was affirmed.  As background, developing strong relationships has been an ongoing challenge for Eduardo.  As a mom, my heart aches as I flashback to my cafeteria duty in the previous school. I vividly remember seeing Eduardo looking lost and puzzled on where to sit and finally making his way to an empty table and sitting by himself with a blank stare for the rest of the lunch period.  Sigh. 


Well, God knew what Eduardo needed, because PLA has been a fountain of encouragement and acceptance in such a short time.  The teachers have modeled such grace for his unique personality and truly see him how God sees him.  Because of this, Eduardo believes in himself and how that he was made for good things, so much so that he recently ran for class representative and had the courage to say a speech in front of his classroom.  He even won the vote!  Wow!!


We are beyond grateful for PLA and what it is doing in the lives of our children.  Each of the teachers have said, "Yes," to a calling.  How wonderful that we have the privilege to see the fruit of their labor. Thanks PLA for all you do!

Thank you,

Erika Andrade

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