Russell  Grammer
Co-Founder, Co-Director, Teacher

BS in Elementary and Special Education, MA in Educational Leadership

I have enjoyed 19 years of teaching experience and educational leadership in a diverse range of settings including Belfast, Northern Ireland, inner-city Camden, NJ, special education classroom, public school, and most recently co-founding, co-directing, and teaching at Prodigy Leadership Academy. Awards include SAM's Club Teacher of the Year, American Legion Teacher of the Year, Southeast Missouri State University Young Alumni Merit Award, and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching for the State of Missouri. The greatest award, however, is that of being a servant of God and supporting the growth of his treasured children. I am humbled to celebrate the students alongside such a dynamic and skilled team of educators!

Amy  Grammer
Co-Founder, Co-Director, Teacher

BS in Early Childhood Education through 6th grade

Serving the Lord through working with children has always been my passion. I began this journey thirteen years ago and have had experience in the public schools as a teacher in both early childhood and regular education classrooms, homeschooling, and recently, founding, co-directing, and teaching at Prodigy. Meeting children where they are, imparting to them that they are highly valued and created by God for great purposes, inviting Him to the forefront of each relationship, and working intentionally with parents and teachers to create a learning environment that inspires wonder and a lifelong love of learning has been a joy and great privilege.

Julie  Albertson
1st-2nd Grade Classroom Teacher

M.Ed. Elementary Education (PK-6)

Graduate Certificate in Pedagogical Coordination in the Reggio Emilia Approach

With my grandmother, mother, and aunt all being teachers, I literally was raised within an educational environment and enthusiastically embraced my families passion for education from an early age. I have now been a professional educator for over 15 years and have supported the growth of the Reggio Emilia Approach nationally. Over the years I have learned that relationships are absolutely key to a successful education process, and that carefully listening and observing children helps build those authentic connections. I have also experienced first hand the importance of enabling student-driven learning experiences based on their individual needs and interests. Furthermore, I understand the power of documentation in the classroom as it fosters the practice of reflection with my students, colleagues, parents, and self. I consider myself to be a "life long" learner and believe in the integration of art and nature as core to a child’s learning experience.

Jessica  Pederson
3rd-4th Grade Classroom Teacher

BS in Elementary Education
MA in Curriculum and Instruction

As a mother of two and an educator for 13 years, I understand the significant role that a classroom teacher has in a child's life. I want each child in my class to feel loved, celebrated, supported, and truly excited about learning. As a teacher at Prodigy, I love that faith, family, and relationships weave together to support each child in the best way.
Wendy  Mayberry
3rd-4th Grade Classroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Education with an emphasis in curriculum development and general sciences

My exposure to education happened at such a young age. Being a second-generation educator, my mom taught me a love for learning early. Her love for learning was infectious. By the time I was 14 I was already interested in the teaching profession and found ways to teach my peers! I followed that passion to college and graduated in 2005 from Ole Miss with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Education with an emphasis in curriculum development and general sciences. I then taught fourth grade in Oxford, MS at a local private school. Every job since then has always had a teaching element in it! In 2010 I started teaching Japanese students at Southeast Missouri State University. It was then I started pursuing my masters in TESOL. For the last several years my husband and I agreed that I should stay home with my babies. I have a 5 year old, Will and a 4 year old, Seth. It has been pure joy being at home with them, but I am equally excited to get back into the classroom! My passion is to teach holistically! Teach them a deep love for Jesus, a heart for learning and a passion to love and serve others!!

Lindsay  Allen
5th-6th Grade Classroom Teacher

BS in Early childhood and Elementary Education from Murray State University

Being a teacher at Prodigy is an absolute joy! When I walk in each day, I know I get to do two of my favorite things. I get to invite God into every part of my day, and I get to teach his children. Not only do I get the pleasure of teaching them, I am able to teach them in the unique way that God made them to learn. Although my experience ranges from pre-k to 6, the Holy Spirit guides each day. My goal is to create learners that are confident problem solvers, who thrive because they are loved and believed in.

Pat  Fanger
7th Grade+ Classroom Teacher

Upon retirement after 30 years in the public school system, and serving as both a teacher and administrator, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach at Prodigy Leadership Academy, where God and kids come first. It is the greatest joy to love each child who walks in my classroom and in our school. To build a relationship so strong that I actually get called "Mom", is a blessing hard to describe. To have the freedom to teach in challenging and authentic ways is great fun and engaging for both the students and me. Teaching where students have choices and God is in the center of our day, exceeds all expectations. The joy of teaching also comes through working with parents. They are free to contact me anytime and we work together to create a learning environment that best meets the needs of their child.

God + kids(family) + learning =Prodigy Leadership Academy.

Lisa  Kuper
Art & PE Teacher

BS in Art Education

I am a committed educator that thrives on collaboration with family, students and co-teachers. I have now been teaching at Prodigy for three years. My teaching experience started when I became a Taekwondo instructor nine years ago. The martial arts world made me fall in love with student achievements and inspired me to become a teacher. I believe students should be celebrated, acknowledged and pushed to accomplish goals of their own making. I continue to show artwork locally in Cape Girardeau through the Missouri Art Education Association and I motivate my students to show their artwork locally through opportunities like the Children’s Art Festival at the Arts Council. In my classroom, I believe in students expressing themselves visually and verbally through their art work.

Clinton  Walker
7th-10th Grade Math & Science

BS in middle school Education, emphasis in Math and Language Arts.
Missouri certification 5-12 Math and Language Arts.

I live for learning and passing on knowledge. I have an intense passion for helping to cultivate life-long learners in and out of the classroom. Over the last 6 years I have taught middle and high school math and English classes in a variety of settings. I am also co-owner of The Walker Bros Top Shelf Audio recording studio, worship leader at LaCroix -Benton, and half of the singing duo Brothers Walker, featured on season 6 of NBC's "The Voice". I feel so blessed to share my talents and passions in music and ministry at Prodigy.
Iliana  Arevalo
Teacher Assistant
This is my 8th year being involved at PLA and I have loved every experience God has allowed me to have through this school. The children are encouraged and pushed to do their best academically, all while being pointed towards Christ. I am so blessed to be part of it!
Debbie  Bowers
Teacher Assistant
My experience in teaching children and youth from God's Word spans years as a Sunday School teacher and youth leader. I love having the opportunity to share the Bible coupled with teaching Christian values on a daily basis at Prodigy.
Jayme  Reese
Teacher Assistant

Bachelors in General studies- with emphasis in Education, psychology and child development.

As a mom of 3, God has blessed me with many experiences which I believe all have shaped me into who I am today! From classroom, secretarial, and administrative experience, I have come to find that being with the kiddos is where my heart is! I love that, here at Prodigy, we focus not only on academics but also the student's heart and soul. I'm passionate about meeting each child where they are and helping them grow in all aspects of their lives. I'm so blessed to be a part of this amazing journey!

Sue  Greenwood
Rehabilitation Specialist

BA in Psychology- University of Missouri, CERT Family Studies- University of Missouri, MS in Rehabilitation Administration- Drake University, C-YT Certified Yoga Therapist IAYT

With over 20 years of experience in teaching and leadership rolls with children and adults, I thoroughly enjoy being able to assist the children at Prodigy in becoming their best selves. I am able to be creative with students and help them over learning-gap hurdles as well as set them up for success in life with God as their leader. I enjoy working alongside parents and other specialists at Prodigy, forging a connected relationship with families and students, teaching a child how to learn and to love it. Being a yoga teacher for 17 years has also helped me be better at leading from behind, keeping the goals and amazing abilities of each child as a central focus. Assisting each child in finding their unique talents and gifts at Prodigy through teaching and assessment is an honor.

Kimberly  Lawson
Reading Specialist

Bachelor of Journalism in Magazine and Public Relations, MA in Teacher Leadership, Instructional Coach Training, Balanced Literacy Training, Missouri certified K-12

After a business career in journalism and public relations, I became an educator with 20 years of public school experience in secondary regular and at-risk education, as well as elementary and secondary reading intervention. My experience also includes serving the Poplar Bluff school district as an Instructional Coach where I helped colleagues implement research-based teaching practices in their classrooms. I love the way God works through Prodigy to reveal, respect, and nurture each student's special gifts, and I'm so grateful to be a witness to it!

Amanda  Nahm
Strings Teacher

As a current student at Southeast Missouri State University in the Music Education program, I am learning every day how to teach and better myself as a teacher. When I step into my classroom at Prodigy Leadership Academy, I am giving my students the freshest information I have. I have taught many private students and have been active in volunteering for many strings programs in St. Louis. My goal is to teach my students the same passions I have for music and learning.

Mike  Dumey

Bachelor of Music Education degree from Southeast Missouri State University

I have spent much of my life producing musical events for church, school, and community for over 44 years. I earned my Bachelor of Music Education degree from Southeast Missouri State University after which I was music instructor at Oak Ridge R-6 for seven years. I then continued my career at Cape public schools for 27 years. As choral instructor at Central Junior High School, I produced twenty-five Broadway musical productions until my retirement in 2016. It has been my honor to have received several awards throughout my career including the SEMO Arts Council’s Otto Dingledein award for outstanding contributions to the arts in Southeast Missouri in 2008 and declarations from the Missouri House of Representatives, the office of the Missouri Lieutenant Governor and the office of the mayor and the city of Cape Girardeau for exemplary work in music education. (Maybe you can fool all of the people some of the time!) Seriously, it is a great honor to be recognized for doing something that I love – which is helping young people expand their musical talents. I currently serve as the director of music at Centenary United Methodist Church, another position that I enjoy as I work with musicians who enjoy sharing their talents to praise God. My wife Betsy and I are the proud parents of two students at Southeast Missouri State University; Lauren, who is completing her senior year and Caitlyn, who is beginning her freshman year. I am extremely excited to be a part of the great team of Christian educators at Prodigy Leadership Academy. I continue to be amazed daily at the progressive, nurturing atmosphere created by the students and staff of PLA.

Jeff  Fanger
Office Director

B.S. in Business Administration

After graduation in 1982 from Southeast Missouri State University with a B.S. in Business Administration, I spent 35 years in sales and management for both large and small companies in manufacturing, sales and distribution of products both domestically and internationally. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to participate in several international mission trips in which God has worked to change my perspective. In 2015 I left the “business world” being given the opportunity to work at Prodigy Leadership Academy and love working with students, staff and parents.


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