Our Mission Statement

PLA is a Christian school where we believe children are loved and uniquely designed by God for great purposes. We meet our students where they are, understand them, and give them the highest level of support in their life journey.

The story of our logo

After many years of growth we felt it was time to give our logo a new look that would more adequately show who we have become as a school. After much prayer, the Lord revealed the "aha moment" during our Spring Carnival when I saw Ms. Gray's class art project.


The Kadinsky inspired painted pieces of wood represented the Layers of Support that Russell has often spoken of as a foundational piece of our school, that each child will succeed with God at the center, supported by family, friends, and mentors.


Additionally, this classroom created piece of art was in the shape of our original leaf! With the help of Element 74, this inspiration was modified and tripled to represent the Trinity, and ultimately, Prodigy's new logo.

-Amy Grammer


Our Vision Statement

The Prodigy Way nurtures students who:

  • Pursue God
  • Explore
  • Value relationships
  • Love learning
  • Serve
  • Innovate


How it all Began

After much prayer and consideration Amy and I left the security of our jobs teaching in the public schools to create a school where God was invited to be present, celebrate kids for who they are, work with parents to provide a solid foundation for children, and give teachers the space to practice their profession.


With the assistance of a full time volunteer, we served 19 students our first year meeting in the basement of a church. Desiring to reach kids who were slipping through the cracks, whether they understood concepts quickly and were bored in a typical setting or needed extra support, and believing that all children deserve this kind of support, our student population and staff grew quickly.


With the goal of remaining close to the heart of Cape and the river we have resided at Red Star Baptist Church and grown to over 90 students from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. Thanks to the support of donors, children who could not attend due to financial restraints have experienced the Prodigy Way and we have 9 acres of land with plans to build. Being submitted to God has been a truly humbling and exciting experience!


-Russell Grammer




One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.




No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


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